“Woman” Exhibition Opening October 14th

So very excited about my upcoming WOMAN show, opening at the Sol Art Gallery on October 14th. Paola Catizone, Artist/Dancer/ Yoga teacher, will open the show with a Performance Art piece & Sarah Edwards, lead singer with Take the Money & Run is composing a song especially for the exhibition :-) She’s just back from Tanzania… so a big African influence I imagine will influence her new work…


An exhibition celebrating the cultural diversity & individuality of today’s Woman.

Travelling around many countries, through her camera lens, Adrienne has vividly captured real ordinary women in their everyday lives, their natural radiance glowing.

Authentic  beautiful women.

With a passion for colour, Adrienne has responded to these images with a vibrant new body of work, a visual tapestry of her interwoven thoughts & emotions.

Woman is an exhibition of Paintings, Photography and Art Mannequins.

Performance Art Piece by Paola Catizone , an Italian – Spanish Painter/ Yoga teacher  who  works in the field of body awareness and movement . Her style focuses on self-awareness and self-compassion.

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